Arts Center, Maple Ridge

Arts Center, Maple Ridge

Leisure Centre, Maple Ridge

Theatre, The Oak Bay Hotel

Ground Floor Plaza, Atmosphere

Exterior, Atmosphere

North South Road, Atmosphere

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What We Do

Equity Lending, Structured Finance and Joint Venture

Through our REV Investments division, we can provide you with an assortment of credit enhancements to facilitate and expedite the financing of your project. Rev offers bridge financing, mezzanine loans, cost overrun guarantees, completion guarantees, and bank loan guarantees, all in an effort to ensure the project breaks ground  when you need to.

1. Equity Lending, Structured Finance and Joint Venture Partners

“REV offers a unique mix of real estate financing products, combined with years of experience and success in the Construction and Development industry allows a developer to make their project happen.”

Graham A. Thom, President
Gatland Capital Corporation

Set in the prestigious Oak Bay along BC’s stunning Pacific Coastline, the Oak Bay Hotel features 5-star amenities, exquisite fine dinning, a waterfront spa and world-class gardens for a luxurious getaway destination.

Oak Bay Hotel

“It is refreshing to be able to do business with a group where it feels like your handshake still means something. We see this as the beginning to long and strong relationship with REV.”

Bruce Dutnall C.G.A.
Weststone Properties Inc.

“Featuring a highly functional 500-seat theatre and two spacious & inviting lobbies, the central location of the Maple Ridge Arts Centre makes it an ideal hub for concerts, plays, and tradeshows.”

Maple Ridge Arts Centre

“We have had the privilege of partnering with REV on 3 different projects. We have found them to be principled, efficient in their timing and certainly capable of performing.”

The Rykon Group of Companies

“Our relationship with REV is amongst our most successful and longest standing business partnerships. It will endure long into the future based on the foundation of trust, integrity and respect.”

Chuck Sanders, President and CEO
JV Driver Group